Are you looking for a fun getaway with the one you love without breaking the bank? Central Ohio is the ideal choice. Not only are you close to big cities like Cleveland, Indianapolis, or even Columbus, but you also get to relax and unwind against a pristine backdrop. Read on to discover how HideAway Country Inn fits all the criteria for the best affordable weekend getaway in Ohio, and start planning yours today.


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Why HideAway Country Inn Is the Ultimate Affordable Weekend Getaway in Ohio


It’s a Beautiful Hidden Gem

You might not suspect that there are treasures scattered all over Ohio. One of the most peaceful and beautiful areas is near Bucyrus. Our little town is only a few hours away from big cities and offers the peace travelers seek. Picture endless fields, lush forests, mills: it’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, and the ideal weekend getaway destination if you wish to unwind from it all. 

You’re Close to Many Budget-Friendly Activities

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a weekend getaway—it all comes down to choosing your activities wisely. Did you know there are many things to do in Ohio for free? If you love nature, you can go hiking in the various surrounding parks and reserves, or even go birding. The Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area is ideal for that. You can also go antiquing with your better half (or friends). Ohio has a great collection of antique shops that are worth a visit. No matter what you prefer, skip the expensive attractions and invest in a cozy place to stay instead!

It’s the Ultimate Pampering Experience

It’s not often that you get to stay in a place with cozy accommodations, gorgeous scenery, and high-end amenities. HideAway Country Inn has it all. You can unpack your suitcase in a spacious suite with elegant decor, soak in a hot bath, and make your way to our in-house restaurant, 1938 Restaurant & Pub. We offer delectable dishes and a top-notch atmosphere. When you wake up in the morning, join us for a mouthwatering breakfast (included with your room), and treat yourself to a relaxing massage at our spa! Yes, you read that right—we have our very own spa at HideAway Country Inn. 

What Are You Waiting For? You’re a Click Away From Your Ohio Getaway

food and guests on the deck of the HideAway treehouse suiteNow that you know why HideAway Country Inn is one of the top affordable weekend getaways in Ohio, it’s time you book your stay with us and experience it for yourself. Our beautiful inn is located in Bucyrus and offers elegant amenities and accommodations surrounded by nature. You can unwind and let the splendid countryside soothe your spirits. There’s nothing like a retreat to reboot your system and get rid of your daily stress! 

The Eagles Nest Luxury Suite is the perfect room for couples in need of a break. You can sip a hot cup of tea by the fireplace, curl up with a good book, take a dip in the whirlpool tub to relax your muscles, and let the bubbles melt away your stress. Our mattress is so soft you’ll have the best sleep you’ve had in years. Wake up the next morning to a delicious, homemade breakfast, and get energized for another fun day exploring central Ohio!