Unique Beverages

Make a few of favorites HideAway Inn’s 1938 Pub Specialty Cocktails at home. Sparkling wine makes a refreshing addition to many cocktails. French 75 Served in a Martini glass with

A Newbie’s Guide to Craft Beer

Craft beer is all the rage these days. Unless you live on the moon, you’ve probably at least heard the term. But if you’re a true newbie, you may need

Thanksgiving Dinner for Families, and Friends!

Thanksgiving Dinner for Families, and Friends! Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner with an outstanding menu in our 1938 Restaurant . After a great thanksgiving meal with the family enjoy Football games, your

2017 Christmas Eve Dinner

At Hideaway Inn, Your and Your Family may enjoy the Best of Christmas Holiday Tradition, a savory Christmas Eve Dinner lined up for Christmas Eve! Share in the joy of

Cooking Class

Cooking Classes Quite often people buy cookbooks with the hope of learning some easy cooking recipes. Too often though, those cookbooks just gather dust. One of the best ways to