Meet Buckeye Chuck

Come out early TODAY, from 7-8a at the studios of 1490 WMRN-AM 1330 North Main St. and meet Buckeye Chuck! Spam sandwiches, Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate will bebserved. Bring ss ome non-perishabl food items, and the first 100 people get a free t-shirt from Hessler’s…and check this out. Riverside Homemade Ice Cream made a special “Buckeye Chunk” flavor, in my honor! They’ll be giving it away for FREE! I’ve finally made the big time! See you, tomorrow!!!
Riverside Homemade Ice Cream
Hessler’s Screen Printing and More
Hempy Water
King Saver
Saums Market
OK Café
Tackett’s Southern Bar-B-Que
Scioto Shoe Mart, Marion
The Door Guys