How to Plan to Elope in Ohio

The large guest list, dealing with multiple vendors, the cost – these are just a few of the things that make planning for the best day of your life a big headache. For a variety of reasons, future brides and grooms to be are opting to elope in Ohio and forego the traditional wedding

Why elope?

While not having to deal with the complicated pieces of the wedding puzzle is one reason people are opting to elope, there are other reasons to ditch the formal wedding like:

  • Saving money. The cost of the average wedding is around $25,000, whereas the price to elope can be dramatically lower. Instead of forking over thousands of dollars, you can book a sweet room at a local boutique hotel and go big on amenities like a couple’s massage, a fabulous candlelight dinner or an in-room hot tub.
  • Having fun at your own wedding and being able to enjoy the ceremony.
  • Saving your sanity!
  • Avoiding the politics that go on with your family.
  • Taking back your schedule, and saving time on planning the wedding.
  • Doing something different.

What’s it all about?

Eloping with your fiance is one way to legally get married without having to go through the hassle of planning the event. You’ll also save yourself from spending a lot of money on the occasion, surrounded by a few of your friends and a ton of guests whom you don’t know that your parents wanted to invite.

Centuries ago, people used to run away together to marry without having to secure parental permission. Today, however, the elopement doesn’t necessarily have to be done in secret: People choose to elope to bypass the hassle of the traditional wedding and to get married quickly.

Plan your elopement

You can make your elopement in Ohio even easier by choosing a venue that offers an all-inclusive wedding elopement package. These packages are basically your elopement-in-a-box solution. They can include everything from the officiant and the flowers to the vows and music to the honeymoon suite and more.

Without having to stress over the expense of the wedding and the time it takes to plan the event, you’ll enjoy the excitement and romance that eloping brings.

Here’s a three-step guide to planning your Ohio elopement:

  1. Know your why. Before you elope, take some time to be sure it’s the right step for you and your finance. Evaluate the fallout from your decision. If you elope, can you deal with family members who are upset about it? Make sure you have valid reasons for eloping, instead of making a spontaneous decision you might later regret.
  2. Select your venue. Now that you know you want to elope, the next step involves choosing the location. Base your decision on factors like whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding, your budget, location or travel distance, and, of course, availability. Ohio doesn’t lack for great places to elope, and Hideaway Inn is one of them. In fact, we recently earned the honorable distinction of being the best place to elope in Ohio!
  3. Get the license. Before you can get married, you’ll need a marriage license. Any courthouse in Ohio is great to get your wedding license, up to 60 days in advance. Be sure to thoroughly research the requirements and investigate marriage regulations before you going to the courthouse, especially if this is not the first time, and to avoid any hiccups on your actual elopement day.

Bypassing the traditional wedding is becoming more and more common. If you’re choosing to go the nontraditional route, become familiar with how to plan to elope in Ohio and get ready to enjoy your special day!