Work out the tension of day-to-day stress with a relaxing massage. Our massage packages are available for HideAway Country Inn guests and non-guests alike. You’ll receive a one-of-a-kind experience with our licensed massage therapists when you book a massage package. Be sure to view our exclusive add-on services to make your massage extra special. To learn more, or schedule your massage package, contact us at 419-562-3013 or email us at [email protected].

Choose from any of the massage options below. Then, browse our accommodations and book an overnight escape! For more information on relaxing things to do after your massage, you can also view our complimentary Mid-Ohio Vacation Guide.

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Sunset Outdoor Massage

250 USD* for Couples Massage

135 USD* for Single Massage

Why wait until you can go to Bali for an exotic outdoor massage? Enjoy the beautiful sunset, with the birds serenading you and the relaxing sounds of a babbling brook while draped in a pristine white pergola.

Couples Massage

90 Minutes – 375 USD*

Two Licensed Massage Therapist will delight you both with a 1.5 hour (Full 90 Minutes of treatment) massage in the Relaxation Room. To ensure availability, reserve PRIOR to arrival. Price is per couple. Aroma Therapy included for FREE.

60 Minutes – 250 USD*

Two Licensed Massage Therapist will delight you both with a 1 hour (Full 60 Minutes Hands on treatment) massage in the Relaxation Room. To ensure availability, reserve PRIOR to arrival.

30 Minutes – 150 USD*

Couples Massage for time restricted Couples. 1 Licensed Massage Therapist, with Massage Treatment 30 minutes per person. Massage is in the Relaxation Room.

Individual Massage

60 Minutes – 125 USD*

Full 60 Minute Massage. Licensed Massage Therapist will treat you with hot towels and the heated Massage table in the quiet Relaxation Room.

Hot Stone Massage

90 Minutes – 250 USD*

Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy. Smoothed polished Basalt Lava Stones are heated and incorporated into this massage. It’s the perfect massage package to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and ease tension.

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

135 USD*

Try a spa sampler if you’ve never experienced the relaxation of the spa. Your massage therapist works 20 minutes on the three most tension-filled areas, which include:

  1. Head – your neck and the top of your shoulders. Great for headache sufferers.
  2. Shoulders – your shoulder blades and top of shoulders. Great for desk workers.
  3. Knees & Toes – relaxes stiff knees and calves to tip of your toes. Great for those on their feet all day.

Pregnancy Massage

125 USD*

This massage is designed specifically for the comfort of the mother-to-be. A special cushion is used that makes it possible for most women to lie face down with great security and comfort. Special attention is paid to the muscles that stress pregnant women the most. This full body massage can be performed up to full term with mandatory, written approval from your doctor.

Couples Massage – 90 Minute

90 Minutes – 375 USD*

Aromatherapy oils are gently applied to your skin. With a full 90 minute Massage — 2 licensed Massage Therapist in our professional Licensed Salon Treatment Room. Relaxation to the max !!! A 90 minute Massage for Couples – cures the Stressed  Out Busy Life couples – Many couples actually fall asleep.

Outdoor Massage Add-On

25 USD

Experience the quiet serene, the gentle breeze of the whispering pines and the warmth of the heated tables in a draped Pergola. A three-tiered water fountain helps lull you into deep relaxation.  A great add-on for couples massage, hot stone or budget couples – definitely a ‘bucket list’ treatment you should experience at least once in your lifetime an Outdoor massage with the sounds of nature – birds singing, soft rustle of the leaves and a babbling brook in the background.

Aromatherapy Add-On

40 USD

You can add 36 candles and aromatherapy essential oils to any indoor massage for a deeper relaxation treatment.

* Prices include service; please add 20% gratuity and sales tax for each service.