Baby Moon

Baby Moon is a special time to enjoy each other with real silverware, linen napkins, crystal glasses, before sippy cups, baby food takes over the cupboard. Browse our accommodations and book a special vacation for two. For more information on relaxing things to do during your HideAway Country Inn babymoon, you can also view our complimentary Mid-Ohio Vacation Guide.

Our Baby Moon Extra Special Suite Pamperings Include:

  • A pillow selection to accommodate aching backs, and growing bumps.
  • Selection of stretch mark preventing lotions
  • Customized whirlpool mommy friendly double tubs.

Pregnancy Craving Menu

  • Our room service knows darn good and well extends beyond any official offerings. So even if you don’t want, say, the recommended peanut butter banana smoothie, popcorn, and apples, or ice cream and pickles, the kitchen staff is on hand — pretty much whenever — to make sure you get the particular object of your hormonal affection.

Our Spa pros suggest babymoon menu essentials

  • Prenatal couples massage
  • Fabulous facials
  • The never-ending foot massage for aching feet and legs

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